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Re: Hakama drama

To make notice to Janet and Adam, I recently got caught in our dojo senpai's hakama. Thankfully my hamstrings are fairly stretchy (yay track&field). It inspired me to think of a hakama with black velcro on the outside seam, but inside the garment. So if something gets caught, you rip open the velcro up to 12 or so inches, instead of someone's joint.

It seems odd to me that we are interested in our partner's safety, but this potential hakama situation still exists.

alternatives would be those tiny buttons you find on workout/warmup pants. this might work better than velcro(separate more readily), and be less aesthetically troubling.

I know of no tailors that could make a business out of it, but if i can't buy one when the time comes, i will tailor my own.

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