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Re: The Point of Aikido

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Dan has a lot of different goals I think...but what I see anyway is a focus on being the best Dan he can be. I take seriously the goals you have stated, and the ones they have conveyed to me. I may be mistaken about them, but that is what I see.

Best always,
To be clear-and Ron you may have missed this-but I have said to everyone but Mark Murray and Rob Liberti"

"Stay in Aikido. As far as I'm concerned, don't even tell anyone you're training with me. Just make yourself better and make Aikido better."

1. What I can instill in them will, beyond any doubt, create in them a more powerful Aikido, without exception, if they do the work.
2. It's more important WHAT is right...not WHO right.

Why was it different with Mark and Rob?
Sorrintino's "challenge as invitation." Which most of you considered very rude as well as the rude commmentary surrounding it from many, resulted in an agreement. It was agreed to publicly that Mark and Ron were to come "test me" and report back. Ron could not make it so I agreed to Rob. Those two I asked to write back into Aiki-webb
Since that time I have been besieged by Aikido and some Daito ryu people. Two more back to train today. Most of whom don't write.
And all of this is, for my guys. a new and quite unexpected turn of events. One we don't quite know what to do with. Two of my own guys who train MMA with me have quit because of it.To quote them "Call us when you are going to get serious again." Others are enjoying the personalities and the idea that they can actually help others.

More than many- Ron, Tim and Jun know I always, without exception, refused to teach anyone from outside for years. That mindset runs deep in me. I quit a promising position at a public Dojo with no prior notice. My guys are wating for me to do it again! My dojo is called Shugyo Dojo for reason.
Now my "goals" are being discussed? What "goals?" We never -planned- for this to happen. Yakin here never constituted a wish to teach the public. It was just yakin.
Now I am helping some very sincered people-the best I can. But I only have time to help a few.
I charge nothing. I gain little.
I don't even know where this is leading yet.
That's a straight-up from the heart direct answer.

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