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Re: My prayer to you all

Perry Bell wrote:
Hi all,

Thank you for your comments, no harm done , each and every year I write a poem at Xmas and easter, for all the people of the world, coming from a Christian upbringing they tend to say more about my faith, when in fact the intention is just to hope that people can stop and reflect on their own lives and the ones around them, in the hope that we can forgive each other for what we might perceive as their short comings, the poems I write, I usually show to the people I think would truly appreciate them for the intention they were written. I did not post it to start a debate or discussion, that is why I originally posted it is spiritual and not the open forum, some how it was moved here but hey thats cool, you all still got to read it.

If my poem has caused any of you to feel offended Please accept my apologies, it was not my intention, I was acting out of respect for all human beings, in an honorable way.

I wish you all well, not only during this festive season but each and every day.

Take care, be happy, smile heaps and love lots,

Hi Perry,

thanks for your good thoughts for us/mankind in general, I for one appreciate it.
My feeling is that us non believing secular folk are happy for christian folk to follow their particular religion, particularly if they actually really do do their best to follow the wise words of the man they call jesus. The best way to convert is by example.
I think that some of us have a problem with those that say they follow the teachings of a man and by their actions show that they don't, ( fighting aikidoka? )

I hope that your easter is a good one,



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