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Re: Non-resistance

Ah, I think I've found it at this site. It's the homepage of the Seibukan, an Aikikai dojo in Kobe.

合気道の極意は、己を宇宙の動きと調和させ、己を宇宙そのものと一致させることにある。合気道の極意を会得した者は、宇宙がその腹中にあり、「我は即ち宇宙」なのである。 いかなる早技で敵が襲いかかってきても私は敗れない。それは私の技が敵の技より早いからではない。はじめから勝負がついているのだ。敵が「宇宙そのものである私」と争おう とすることは、宇宙との調和を破ろうとしているのだ。すなわち私と争おうという気持ちを起こした瞬間に、敵はすでに破れているのだ。そこには早いとか遅いという時の長さが 全然存在しないのだ。合気道は無抵抗主義である。無抵抗なるが故にはじめから勝っているのだ。目をつむれば何もなくなる。自我と私欲の念を去ったら、天地はすべて自分のも のになるのである。

"The secret (gokui) of Aikido is to harmonize yourself with the movement with the universe, and put yourself in accord with the universe itself. For those who comprehend the secret of Aikido, the universe is in their hearts, a matter of 'I am, in fact, the universe.' No matter how fast an enemy attacks me, I cannot lose. That is not because my technique (waza) is faster than the enemy's. The contest is already decided. Attempting to fight with 'me, who is the universe', he is attempting to destroy the harmony of the universe. In other words, in the moment he decides to fight with me, the enemy is already defeated. Length of time, fast or slow, doesn't exist at all. Aikido is the principle of non-resistance (muteikou). Non-resistance is therefore victorious from the start. If you close your eyes everything vanishes. When you have walked away from thoughts of ego and self-interest, heaven and earth becomes yours."

This site appears to have the passage of Bu no shinjin (a biography of Ueshiba by Kanemoto Sunadomari), where your two quotes have come from. The relevant part here is


Aikido is the principle of non-resistance. Non-resistance is therefore victorious from the start. (This is the very same sentence as in the first quote.)
People with evil intentions, people with a mind to fight, they are defeated from the beginning.

"Non-resistance" here is 無抵抗, and that's pretty much the only translation, although I suppose the case could be made for "passivity". The Founder says Aikido is 無抵抗主義, which is "the principle of passive resistance", or "the principle of non-resistance". Pretty much the same thing.

Both translations seem, to me, to be good and accurate. Personally, I like #1 best, except for its (to me) annoying tendency to call aikido the "Art of Peace".

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