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Re: Non-resistance

Xu Wenfung wrote:
Probably the translator does a lousy job at translation. Try again to read the sentence again replacing non-resistance with non-attachment. Non-attachment is a very fundamental principle in the teaching of Sakyamuni Siddharta Gautama.

1) Non-attachment to winning nor losing, and you have nothing to compare your result to. Not comparing your result to anything, you do not have a concept of winning nor losing, hence you are victorious from the beginning, as you are not in competition.

2) If you have mind already attached on winning or losing than if your objective is not met, you felt lost. By being non-attached to winning nor losing, then whatever outcome will not fetter you, hence you are victorious from the beginning.

This is how I interpret the two above phrase. You asked for an opinion, I gave mine. I hope my interpretation is not too far from the original context. Forgive me, if I am wrong. Boon.
Great interpretation. I agree that non-attachment conveys a better, more applicable, and understandable message. Translation is very difficult; mistakes are often made and uncontested...

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