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Re: Kokyu explanation

I would suggest that "back off until it's almost not there" be done later - for me anyway. First, do it a little more forcefully for some time, then work it less. I understand what you mean, but how do you get peole to do that? Like, how much is less?

I have found that adding a natural kind of tension is more practical and that that tension reduces itself naturally as practice continues. So, for me, I want to play with both maximum and minimum tension and many in-betweens. 'Minimum' is for master and I'm not there yet and I don't want to jump the gun too soon. I want maximum power with minimum tension and that maximum power demands some tension at my present 'place' in time. I want to develop that tension and make it stronger and more efficient while at the same time training the skill that I need less perceived effort to facilitate the workings of the technique. I don't anticipate anytime soon reaching so called master status. I want a 'work now' method that is capable of future progression and development.

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