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Re: Kokyu explanation

Robert John wrote:
If you're ever in the Tokyo area PM me Matt

There's a guy here that does show how these things work, how they're related to pretty much all high level MAs, how you can develop them, all using an extremely precise training methedology. (Which is explained in common down to earth terms )
Oh, and he kicks butt too...literally

Like someone said before IHTBF (It has to be felt).

-> Kind of like describing how a punch feels. You can describe what happens, how it feels, even scientifically define what happens when the punch makes impact on your body. You *think you know. And then you actually have it done to you
If I am I will! Thanks for the invite. One thing I've walked away with today is the distinct feeling I'm talking too much about things I don't know enough about, so it's back to the old drawing board. Besides, I'm a little too good at talking and not enough at walking.
Take care!

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