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Re: Did Aikido die with O'Sensei?

Brian Northrup wrote: View Post
I am not saying that Aikido is a religion or that O'SENSEI was a religious figure, but by your post you might as well place Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad, in the same light. They are gone so why do we revere them. Also Elvis is gone and he is highly revered as well
Yes, indeedy. With regard to the religious folks, as you mentioned, I think it's very dangerous to revere them such that they are put on pedestals.

Putting anyone on a pedestal is dangerous. When someone is believed to be better than the rest of us it allows and actually fosters the abdication of individual power, individual beauty and individual possibility.

It's just tweaky to me. It's never seemed right or smart or whatever to me. Anybody and everybody is as great and wondrous as anyone who has ever lived, be they Jesus, Mohammed or my Uncle Kenny.

But man are we brought up in a way of thinking which is locked into tunnel vision perception. Sometimes folks sum it all up by saying, "Eh, it's just semantics. Forget about it..."

Semantics are powerful. Why would members of the the human race use the all inclusive term of "race" to divide themselves into exclusive groups via the use of the very same term?

Or how the use of a color to describe a person may elicit loads and loads of preconditioned and judgemental data, whether one is aware of it or not?

Anyway...I know you didn't initiate what I have commented on except for mentioning the religious guys. I missed your post earlier and wanted to reply and have been influenced by some later posts.

And in summation...Did Aikido die with O'Sensei? I'm changing my earlier answer to "I don't know".