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Re: Human mind and life's purpose

Croft Stanfield wrote:
Greetings to all: I am an 87 year-old Canadian whose has long been interested in the purpose of life and human mind. I have never studied aikido but was fortunate to meet a philosopher 60 years ago who taught us what he had learned about the basic laws governing the creation of human mind and how it should be developed to fulfill life's purpose. My goal has been to contact anyone who wishes to discuss life and exchange thoughts.
Hello Mr Stanfield,

Welcome to Aikiweb.

I am your junior by about 25 years, but I have trained in aikido for nearly 40 and have learned much from this training. I have studied philosophy since I was 20 and so I suppose that I am a philosopher (though I am not really sure whether the two can really be equated). I would be interested to know who the philosopher was whom you met 60 years ago?

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
Kokusai Dojo,
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