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Re: My thoughts on Dan Hardens Seminar in Kona

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Some light hearted fun.

Hiroshi Kato
A 74 year old special forces, tough as nails, still on the mat teaching and doing Aikido in several dojos every week, budo guy who trains with me in Hawaii, wrote a song.

I recorded it on my cell pnone so the quality is what it is.
Notes to decoding the song.
I missed the first part where he stated that they wanted to make a gift to me in a traditional fashion. Either with a virgin offering, or a dance or a song

They make fun of the following:
My accent. I say yoga(r) instead of yoga
I eat rice with sugar and sometimes milk
I used to wear a purple and black plaid shirt, till they begged me to stop
I snorkled and fell asleep on the beach, woke up on the gay beach. I didn't care and stayed all afternoon. I was told I was "a bear" type guy (a middle aged, big type) I *think* it was supposed to be a compliment as my friend was smiling.

Anyway, the rest of the video is self explanatory.

Watch the guy behind him at the beginning for a funny reaction. He almost spit out his water.

Hiroshi is the MAN!!!! That's great!!

One little candle can light 10,000 candles- Koichi Tohei Sensei
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