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Re: My thoughts on Dan Hardens Seminar in Kona

This review made me revisit here after deciding to quit.
This matches my experience after 20 years of Aikido and a total of 35 in Budo FWIW. The fact that Dan still has the patience to debate here with people who patently have no clue what he is doing or how he does it continues to impress me. I sure as hell would not. Kudos to the Aussies who took the trouble to go and find out instead of the majority of keyboard warriors and virtual world experts who just want to argue. Touch hands and all arguments will stop. I know Dan will say this is not all about him but about the practice of internals, but he is the one who is putting himself out there ( along with Ark and Sam ).
The chance of getting the same hands on with the top CMA guys is virtually nil and even if you could their explanations are, by majority, hardly useable.
Those who really want to know will just have to go and find out, you won't find out here.

Bye again, Alec

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