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Re: My thoughts on Dan Hardens Seminar in Kona

This from Facebook - a nice review of the Dan Harden workshop in Honolulu by the guys from Aikido Sydney:

Survived 3 days so far with 3 of us from AKI Australia here in Hawaii with the most complete martial artist and seriously frightening fighter I ever expect to meet in my lifetime. Dan Harden is truly incredible! Dan is obsessional about Budo and Internal Power. A Genuine master who can do all that you read about and more. My bruises and pain is a symbol of his gentleness and consideration as he held back on us all. This has been a complete eye opener and life changing experience. Some pics soon. I am afraid that other Budo men pale in comparison. Much to say but it will take time. Stunning is an understatement. Another week yet to survive and soooo much to retain and practice & Repeat ad infinitum!


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