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Re: Ride the Wave

Thanks A.J. A few weeks back one of our younger instructors discussed the Oneness Rhythm Taiso during Ki class and of course, we did the exercise several time until we seem fluid and "riding the wave" at the same time. We often wonder why the accompanying music is so esoteric and thought that "California Girls" by the Beach Boys would fit fine. But my sensei said that the rhythm of the music is the one to focus on and added that Tohei sensei approved this music as a whole because the rhythm on the music is precisely the rhythm of the movement he use to execute any waza. Proper rhythm is one of the key to have that relaxed power. Every time he played the music to the exercise he said, it was like Tohei sensei was there to correct your rhythm. I never thought of it that way before but after that night, I've gained a new perspective on the "Oneness Rhythm Taiso". Thanks for reminding me.

As for the bokken work, we were always told to let the bokken/sword do its work and as an exercise: shomen cut, the sword is held lightly but full of ki and the hand just naturally drop letting the sword drop as if free falling and then catching it with your hands at the bottom of the cut. Thanks again for reminding me.

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