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Re: Restart on Jin/kokyu and "Spiraling"

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
Wow, I actually thought from what I've heard that you guys would actually agree more regarding the basics. I thought the differences were further along, in things like application, emphasis, etc.
No, the differences start at the absolute basics. Ueshiba was referring to classically known (commonly so) aspects of internal strength. When people take a simple concept like the opposing possibilites of turning the qi/suit and turn them into imaginary whirling tornados, etc., that's not "different perspectives", Jonathan. As I've said a number of times, what Dan is calling "internal strength" and what I'm calling internal strength are two different things.

When I get some time tomorrow, I'll lay out another aspect to build onto the two I've covered. There's a critical difference about some of these things that comes out in the wash when another aspect of the body is developed: my point being that there is one irrefutable logic that ties all these things together and that's part of the beauty of the whole qi/ki paradigm. We're not talking about "different viewpoints" when it comes to the support of the ground being linear or the well-known turning aspects of the body. That's physics and tradition, not "perspective".


Mike Sigman
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