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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Like Tony, you are either alluding to or outright saying that I am a con man and that people are being conned. You have no grounds for stating these things and have made no intelligent argument.
Who are you two, to make any statement at all? If you don't want to attend, then don't. You have no grounds to call the judgment of those who do into doubt, nor my own efforts that are being received so well.

This forum and its some of it's members apparently approve of such baseless accusations, I do not.

* What I teach at seminars is described in the brochure.
* I have never read an Aikido seminar brochure that was as detailed as mine.
* The many write ups have explained it further, after the fact.
* Of 782 attendees I have had three people who were not satisfied.
* Most people have stated it was too much information, not less.
* I have an extremely high return rate

It has not escaped my attention, that you do not address the people who attend these seminars...directly (many of whom are senior teachers in the art).
The reason you and Tony don't address them, is that there is no credible way for either of you to intelligently dismiss their expertise, judgment and involvement, so instead you wisely ignore any direct attacks on such a wide range of people.
You are in fact calling all of them....fools.
This will be it for you and me. I'll not speak with you again.

I want to know who your teachers were or are? Where and how you came about your theories and see some of your goods. Some real history would surely be welcome......Graham makes some good points yet you avoid them by by making the same or similar accusations you pin on me. Sorry to you if you find my directness insufferable, but that is just me love me or hate me (Marmite?) It's no wonder that people are suspicious, what's to say you did a few seminars with the Aunkai geezer, cottoned onto it pretty quick and then thought, this is a good screw and there are enough wannabes out there who will fall for it. Yeh it works so they are bound to fall for it, bouncers, so called Shihan and all the other titles that abound today, one of the reasons I have never chased titles, as to me and I suspect many others on here they don't really mean much at the end of the day.
People get my respect by being upfront.... You may be a nice guy Dan but you are to slick and subtle for my liking and all the "secrecy" bothers me as I know it bothers others. You also sound very overconfident about what you supposedly offer which is always a good marketing ploy as it gets the confidence of others who are not so sure about themselves, to the point that you say you can "take" me....
Maybe you can, I couldn't care less, been there done it big time, so nothing new there either, you can't win 'em all. As Joe said there is always someone better, so that kind of thing doesn't bother me as that is certainly boasting in my book....
As I said, I like getting to the bottom of things no matter what others say. If I sounded a bit offensive there was a reason behind that to, to see what your reaction would be, I was right and you have done well to show your true colours..... well done.... Any real budo man would have simply ignored it.......


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