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Amir Krause
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Re: Aikido Falls - Acted or Real

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post

I hate to bring up BJJ, but that is where I really learned that resistance is not good tactically. If you resist in BJJ, your opponent will move on to something else and use that resistance as a focus point to exploit you! It really gets driven home in BJJ!

So, anytime I hit a point of resistance, or I feel myself going there, I think readjust and get balance and posture, and move to a better place!

Good discussion.
Well, I guess I was lucky in my teacher selection. My teacher says the same things, while teaching Aikido. He keeps urging us to learn to from being Uke, not to be rigid nor weak,rather to flow with good Ukemi, and use it to learn of the others openings, so we would be able to do Keashi waza easily.

Perhaps it has to do with us learning Korindo Aikido rather then Ueshiba, though I doubt it. Perhaps it has to do with my teachers vast experiance in Judo and Karate too. And maybe, it has to do with the Israeli beginer student mentality, who have to test everything and are sure it is not working until they find out "resistence is futile"

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