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Re: Aikido Falls - Acted or Real

Amir brings up a good point. I did describe (more or less) what proper or experienced ukemi should be. This is what we should be shooting for in doing ukemi IMO.

Anyway, it is not about resistance as Roy points out.

If I am more experienced at ukemi than nage, then I don't take advantage of nage by offering him no opennings, gaps, or the ability to train. I also do not disconnect from the flow and "dive", "tank", or fall into ukemi.

What I do is to present the proper and appropriate response to nage, when he hits a problem, is doing the wrong thing, or is no longer affecting the stituation, I open it up a little and hope that he sees it and we can then start moving again.

I think one thing that is bad is to lose sight of this and simply "take ukemi". If we never present nage with appropriate and good ukemi, how will they ever learn?

That said, I agree, many will add resistance, erring on that side of the equation, which is NOT appropriate or necessarily better than flowing. Flowing to me is different than falling though! Many, I think translate flowing as falling, and resistance as the opposite of falling??? They define resistance as success maybe??

I hate to bring up BJJ, but that is where I really learned that resistance is not good tactically. If you resist in BJJ, your opponent will move on to something else and use that resistance as a focus point to exploit you! It really gets driven home in BJJ!

So, anytime I hit a point of resistance, or I feel myself going there, I think readjust and get balance and posture, and move to a better place!

Good discussion.

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