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Re: Aikido Falls - Acted or Real

I'll chime in from the perspective of a newcomer to aikido...

One of the reasons I 'found' aikido this year is because of an article I read probably 20 years ago in a motorcycle magazine, about a rider who'd survived a crash that should have resulted in death or severe injury because of the falling skills he'd learned from studying aikido. So a major draw to this particular martial art for me is that it is totally balanced, as one learns not only to effectively throw/disable an attacker, but also to protect oneself from injury in being thrown...and then beyond that, to regain one's center in order to be ready and balanced again after the sequence for the next action. In other words, ukemi is not just flopping on the floor in response to nage's technique; it's the appropriate reaction to nage's action...just like nage's reaction was the appropriate reactino to uke's initial attack. I hope that makes sense?

As uke, I could resist nage's technique...but is that always appropriate? If I resist and have my shoulder dislocated, or try to reverse and open myself up for a strike, is that a wise response? Or is understanding the technique and performing effective ukemi, allowing my energy to be redirected so that I can safely roll onto back onto my feet, in control of my center, and facing nage again from a safe distance the appropriate response? At least this is as I understand ukemi at this point in my training...

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