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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
It's more of a cry for "face".... "gimme face, ... That's more the way I read it.
If you ever decide to go into psychology -- don't give up your day job.

Bottom line. I have found use in thinking in these terms and taking things apart conceptually and then physically to put them back together. That's the root meaning of discipline -- taking things apart to understand them. I am fully aware it is but one part of that understanding.

I post my thoughts for two reasons. One -- to see if anyone is interested in discussing these things in these terms, as there is very little place elsewhere for that realistic possibility. And two -- to see if useful and comparative things can be learned with people who are deepening knowledge in other terms. On the latter point a few have offered their good faith observations here and in PM in that spirit of useful exchange of ideas. Some have not. I'll leave it others to decide which is the wiser course.

As to the first point, few here appear interested in that approach, which is fine, and merely means I need to keep working on it alone. Whether it seems more likely or not from anyone else's perspective to bear fruit they are interested in is sort of beside the point.


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