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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Zoe Botnaro wrote: View Post
What I gather was a frequently asked question on Aikiweb by many nay sayer's was-
"Does internal power work in a fight and does it apply to Aikido ?"

After seeing Dan with many types of Martial artists and fighters including a BJJ champ and several MMA'ers
Yes, internal power and aiki work in a fight.

As for Aikido, what I found even more fascinating than the fighting stuff was the comment by Sensei Meyer Goo (a Tohei student and himself a MMA guy) who felt Osensei's power when he came to Hawaii.
He told Dan in an open room that he never thought he would feel Osensei's type of power again. He told Dan what he was doing and what he was revealing about Osensei's actual teaching was very important and not to stop no matter what people did or said.That's the second Aikido teacher I know who has felt Osensei and Dan and said what he is doing is what Osensei was doing. I think that is significant, at least for me as an Aikido student.

Having trained with Japanese Aikido Shihan who were supposed to know and teach it to us, being able to both witness and feel these things being done and then actually being taught how to do it has truly been fascinating. My conclusion for Aikido is;
Yes Internal power and aiki apply to Aikido.

The attachment is Dan in Hawaii taking apart an applied Triangle choke after it was set in place by an Mixed Martial artist.
Yeah I was there for both Kona seminars and witnessed Meyer Goo make those statements. Meyer Goo is not pushover either. The man in his 90's with a recent hip replacement is still a very capable deadly martial artist. He took ukemi from O Sensei and was a friend to Koichi Tohei Sensei. So he knows what Aikido is supposed to feel like. 'Real Aikido'. He is very honest about his opinions about martial arts and was quite critical of the Aikikai about their decisions. The man has seen live combat and fought in real fights. Meyer Sensei is a warrior. His validation of Dan confirmed to all of us that this is the true path O Sensei was on.

This past seminar we got to see the IP /Aiki body in several different applications. The effectiveness of using IP in different fight situations was quite astounding. There were applications of BJJ cokes and holds by an experienced martial artist on Dan to which he easily countered and escaped. They were set strong holds with full resistance. It made no difference.

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