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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Thanks for the review! Always interested to see what those crazy Hawaiians are up to, and hard to beat training at Ala Moana! From a principle standpoint, it sounds like we had a very complimentary seminar down here in Atlanta with George Ledyard Sensei. Lots of work on structural stability, with a ton of focus on ukewaza, grabbing katatetori with aiki (and where to go from there). Certainly no end to the things that need improving! We've got another IP seminar coming up on the 24th of this month, so it will be interesting to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two seminars. If given the chance, I would highly recommend getting hands on Ledyard! This has certainly been a transformative year for our dojo as we've begun to integrate IP into our practice. We are very fortunate to have high-caliber instructors willing to teach and train with us.

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