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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Scott Burke wrote: View Post
Keep in mind that there are those who don't wish to have their names put on the web without their foreknowledge. Think of it as merely a courtesy and not some attempt at bragging about an unverifiable event.
Then these people who are undoubtly in their right to remain anonymous should not be used by third parties to endorse Mr. Harden skills, especially when claims of 'fighting' are done. IMO, of course.

Meyer Goo, a man of some skill an reputation mind you, has given a personal endorsement. That is not something to be quickly glanced over.
And thats good to me.

Looking at your website, howdoarmbar, the first video I see is Ki Master Meets Skeptics. I sense now a source for your initial skepticism. What the man in your video is doing is not IP, not even close.
The source of my skepticism is sourced way back than this. Also I never stated this EFO guys are doing IP.

Tell you what. Public offer, right now. It's Christmas, I'm feeling generous (X-mas bonuses do that to a fellow) and honestly I believe you need to feel this stuff for real. I see from your profile that you live in Spain, so most of Europe I assume will be in reach for you. I will pay for a seminar with Dan Harden for you. You cover all transportation and hoteling, food etc (I'm not feeling that generous!) and I will pay for you to feel what this guy has to offer. PM me and I'll see about Western Unioning you the funds. Deal?

Honest Injun, I'll be your pal on this. Let me do this for you.
Thanks for the offer. I'll consider it seriously.
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