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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Some can Doubt all they want... Question it ad infinitum....I did and found out when I experianced it for myself that I was a ignorant fool.

I have felt it and and not one Martial Artist in my 35 years of experience has/had the kind of Aiki Mr. Harden has...

So much so that I personally find it pointless to practice any kind of Waza without trying to learn and implement what he has shown me.

It's not magic either. Mr. Harden with explicit detail explains, demonstrates, and then teaches exactly how to achieve aiki.

Dear old Stan was right.

So I suggest that if you are serious about understanding and practicing Aikido the way O' Sensei taught it (and by extension Sokaku Takeda and Sugawa Shihan) with the power of "Heaven and Earth" (now that I truly know what that means ) and preserve the legacy of AIKI-do to pass on to your students...Drop the rock and show up to a seminar. Show Respect, Keep an Open Mind, and you too just may experience the real reason why you got into Aikido in the first place.

"Practice Hard" now has a whole new meaning for me.

William Hazen
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