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Chris Guzik (cguzik) wrote:

Sometimes, when uke stops attacking, I just stop and step away. This approach gets pretty wierd after a few attempts though, and sometimes it's hard to explain to uke what is happening. Especially because it's hard to correct uke. I've even heard some people say "uke is always right."
For my money uke is always right, in the sense that nage should just adapt to whatever it is they're doing. Just stepping away is fine, and should probably be followed by a discussion of why that is happening. What's more effective in changing uke's behaviour is showing them why it is in their interests to change their attack to what sensei demonstrated. In this case instead of stepping away maybe show an atemi, along with a discussion of "if the attack stops, and I don't have to deal with anything, why *wouldn't* I just hit you"

The only thing I don't think you should do is have the following discussion

"you're attacking wrong, do it properly"

"why would I attack like that"

"because that's what you're supposed to do"

"When your only tool is a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail"
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