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Re: Fighting Mind vs Warrior Mind

Robin Johnson wrote: View Post
Aw man, Tony. I'm too old for military service. As a young man, I worked 5+ years as a carpenter (framing houses and office buildings), so verbal abuse doesn't even register with me and enduring physical suffering and discomfort I understand to a fair degree. I even understand what its like to suffer or risk harm to prevent a more serious injury or death to someone else - because I did more than once.

But calling me "humorless" - now that really hurts. You and Henry are funny - but I was just trying to point out that it comes across the wrong way.

Mary - Ah... I understand your point better now. Admittedly, I readily enjoy squabbling over the meaning of things.

Robin, If that is the case, then you would still find it humorous, Us Brits do have a tendency for dryness and sardonic wit and I/We must have thicker skins than we realise? Or am I to blunt? Yes I am..... One of my faults I suppose, but I do have a wicked sense of humour and I'm sorry if it offends you that much.....

Take care buddy
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