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hey Opher

Just about Any dance improv exercise can be applied to Aikido-i'm talking not necessarily contact but traditional "lead/follow" and mirroring exercises. Tenkan & irimi for sure.Partnered walking-positive person walks forward with hand on the upper chest of the receptive person, feeling how our bodies relate in movement. The "blending dance" from Richard Moon's video-go through techniques slowly & gently as a stretch & partnering exercise."getting off the line" which is exactly that. I wish i could describe the exercises in Wendy Palmer's Concious Embodiment work, which are derived from Aikido and used to observe ourselves in relationship, they are easily picked up by both aikidoists, dancers & just regular folks; but it would be like me trying to describe Iriminage!how bout kokyu ho without the fall?

sounds like a great class, good luck with it.


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