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Re: Taiji - some rather fine diagrams.

These are the people (from both sides generally) who get together and answer the questions on the mat because discussing it here is simply too painful when you have to deal with the arm chair occupying demands from way off in the cheap seats.
Do you have to respond to them or even acknowledge them? If they're anti-IP, and we know IP is a thing (or a good chunk of our community is totally deluded), then why bother to even talk to them? I appreciate the process of discussion on aikiweb and forums in general can be very wearing (hence the opening of a section here to explicitly discuss IP, I suppose) but I posted these diagrams thinking they would assist the visualisation process (and possibly understanding) for people who viewed them, without any thought to another round of Yes-it-does/No-it-doesn't on IP. I didn't even think they could be debated on such terms (more the fool I!), I thought of them merely in connection with good practice and what your average aikidoka is trying to do, and I've never had any personal experience of IP.
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