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Re: back to basics, punch

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I can train for self-defense. I can train for "martial" correctness. I can train to learn to imbalance someone. I can train to win a fight. I can train to beat the snot out of a black belt in any number of styles. Each purpose is best served by a different style of attack.

And I have rarely if ever seen him throw a "correct" punch of the sort this thread is about. A whole different look at power, purpose and alignment. And it looks really wrong to a classic puncher.

I think it boils down to sensei (also ranked well in both aikido and a hard style) not telling me my attacks suck and showing me how to do them better.
if you read my posts, i didn't mentioned anything about "correctness" or martial correctness or whatever correctness there is. what i mentioned was "speed, power, accuracy and control". i can punch someone while failing down, getting up, on floor, sitting in a chair, or in some strange drunken chimpanzee pose (why would anyone want to get chimpanzee drunk? they are not happy drunks!). and it will be with "speed, power, accuracy and control".

however, that's not the point of my posts. the point of my post is what is the percentage of average aikido dojo spent working/training on attacks, 5%, 10%, 15%,...what? then consider that we spent half of our aikido time attacking, that's 50% of the time, just in case folks didn't get the percentage part (higher math is my problem too, since i can't count pass 3, but mostly 10).

i don't have problem telling my folks that their punches have problem, but i also proceed to work with them to correct it. things like,

why are you lean so far forward to punch and put yourself in an off-balance position?
why are you stiffen up your body when you punch?
why are you holding your breath?
why is your other hand dangling on the side and not covered your center in case the other person decide to whack you?
why are you lean you head forward before you throw the punch?
why are you lean your head away when you punch and look like you don't really want to hit me?
why are you punch at me instead of through me?
why are you try to miss me?
why are your belt comes untie? aha! you looked down and took your eyes off me, so i whack you! *this did happen but not with me, but i was there and it was pretty funny*.
why did you stop hitting me in the face? keep do it until i can improve with my technique! (told this to a lady in my dojo after i spent quite a bit of time helping her working on the punching bag. i got to stop teaching folks!)
why did you not bring your knife hand up to block my Moe attack? and you need to watch all the Stooges shows!

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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