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Re: back to basics, punch

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What is proficient in this context? Am I looking to shatter someone's cheekbone when I punch my training partner in the face? Am I training to defend against someone who is standing in kibadachi throwing gyakuzuki?
proficient meant speed, power, accuracy and control. cracked someone's face meant lack of control, i.e. not proficient. when i punched someone, he or she will know that if they don't do something about it, i will take his/her head off. it will be delivered on target, on time, at the right amount of power, and if need be, can be stop within a cm of the target and i won't give away my balance. at least, that's the goal. and folks who practice with me will do the same. and not just about striking, but when grabbing, the uke's goal is to unbalance nage, without giving away uke's balance.

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