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Re: Crosstraining Aikidoka: A Survey

1) About four months.

2) Taekwondo.

3) About three months.

4) I am taking two or three full-length (1.5-2 hours) aikido classes a week. I get brief taekwondo sessions with my sixth graders (see below) two or three times a week and take one full-length adult class a week.

5) I work at a small charter school for students with learning disabilities and behavioral issues, and taekwondo is what our students get for physical education. I started taekwondo mostly for the purpose of building up relationships with my students, whereas aikido is more of an end unto itself for me.

6) I find that both arts focus heavily on developing flexibility and balance in their practitioners, so they compliment each other quite well in terms of physical conditioning.

7) The only real problem I've discovered so far is that taekwondo cuts into the time I could be spending practicing aikido. If not for taekwondo, I could be getting in another aikido class every week.
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