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Re: Crosstraining Aikidoka: A Survey

1) 3 years on and off - last six months serious

2) Goju Ryu - 18 years (last 5 training alone)

3) 3 plus in Aikido and Goju

4) 5 days Goju 2 days Aikido

5) I do both arts to broaden my knowledge/overall skill as a martial artist

6) It is benefiting both my Aikido and Goju Ryu. Helps me interpret bankai of Goju. Helps me incorporate Atemi in Aikido. Amazing how things - If I may use a favorite IT Term "seamlessly" fuse.

7) Doubt I have come across anything detrimental. Wonderful thing is how naturally, the mind is able to flow from one art to the other. Ahhmazing. Nice mini survey.

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