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Re: Training the Body. Part 2: Exercesis

Robert John wrote:
Imagine like there's a piece of paper in between your hands when you bring them together. Keep it there.
You know what, this piece of paper thing is actually really hard. If I instead push my hands together, or even just rest them together a bit, it seems that some of the load is taken off the rest of my body (couldn't figure how that might work, but that's what it _feels_ like). When I do think about the paper, it makes rising up from the bottom position just that much harder work.

And as for the feeling of _pulling_ up from the bottom posture... well, I think it'll be a while before I start to feel that properly.

I've recently started doing these in the gym at work on my lunch break, and I reckon there are a lot of gym bunnies looking at me wierd, and thinking I must be really unfit to be labouring so much over a few squats. The mirror there is useful though.

Dave Findlay
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