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Re: Who's missing out? (On "Promotion and advertising" rhetoric)

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
Okay well if all that be true and you think everyone on aikiweb including Dan, Mark, Mike et all are wonderful people who are simply sharing their ideas and are fine people...and this is all fine and dandy with you...

Who exactly is it you think is selling people on aikiweb a bill of goods and which of the fine people here do you think are dumb enough to be deceived by said unknown member(s)/salespersons?

What was the point of this thread?

It all seems rather obvious to me that you do have a personal problem with certain members. I don't need to defend Mark as he is much more able to speak for himself than I am for him or anyone. However it does seem rather obvious to me that this group is really the target of your starting this thread. and mark being the one member of said group that I am personally familiar with I feel that my experience regarding that set of ideas and those who practice them is worth sharing.

If I, a relative newcomer to the martial arts world, and a not particularly eloquent speaker, who does not have high education in philosophies and other academics, can pick up on it then I'm sure it is not lost on others.

Why not just stand up for what you say and say what you mean instead of using words to create smoke screens.

I am sure if you spoke more clearly and to the point and provided citations references etc as Mark and others often do you might get a better reception and more productive discussion. Having your own special language is pretty useless if you want to actually share what you know (or think you know) with others.

And by the way.... yes actually I am really bored which is why I am even bothering.
The American Indians have a saying: :Beware man who speaks with twisted tongue; their words only make sense to themselves" - I guess them Indians pretty smart peiple; they had their magic mushrooms and talked to anilmals