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Re: Who's missing out? (On "Promotion and advertising" rhetoric)

Hi Travers.
The principles I mentioned were of sales and thus that is the area actually and then of course those same principles being used in advertising. I also do qualify it by adding 'pressure' to further clarify that it doesn't necessarily mean 'all' sales principles.

Having been through a period many years ago, a period of about ten years, I had selling jobs as my standard 'fall back to' way of earning money. All kinds of different types of sales jobs. One guy who I had decided to help was a very good salesman and was headhunted by many a company which was quite amusing to me for his life was being a salesman where every time he was he earned big bucks but then he would go and start his own company where he would always fail and have to go back to salesman again and be once again very successful.

Now me personally would not class myself as a salesman for to me it was just something I was good at but would never do it the way the high flyers and experts said it should be done. Therefor not being 'me' I would never take big company jobs in sales and actually walked out of more than two training courses disgusted by how the experts said things must be done. So I prefered front line door to door selling, just set my targets and get my money, done. During this time I even did part time things as well like Amway and a home delivery service where you deliver catalogues and take orders and then deliver the goods etc.

So during that period as far as sales go I learned many 'ways' and principles used from those of the companies I was disgusted by and those which I wasn't. Funny thing was that the ones which were best for me were only interested in can you sell and not interested in telling you how to.

Now back to my friend. When he started up a business he usually preferred to have or rather build some sort of home delivery business as he liked getting out there pounding the streets and meeting people. Thus I was always helping him out. Even he too, although a friend, would tell me how I should sell and would teach me all the tricks of the trade. He had it as a goal of his to make me a salesman so I could be as good as him as a salesman but of course he failed in that goal for he couldn't see how I did not wan't to be a salesman like he was and didn't agree with all the psychology and trickery involved. However, each time he sent a team of us out I always outsold everyone.

There's more but I think that's enough.

Now as for responsibility to sift out I would say no. I would say that type of statement is very rabble rousing in effect and is the type of thing I find control freaks shout from the rooftops. Fearful people bless them.

So don't take that personally for we all use 'reasonable' statements like that which we have copied from others, nice soundbites dressed up as responsibility but oft times don't really inspect thoroughly what we are saying. Responsibility is first and foremost knowing what you want and your own scene.

In fact irresponsibility is being negative about others.

Ueshiba is a good example of responsibility this way as far as I am concerned. He just said how and what his Aikido was and got on with it with those who were interested. He didn't go around putting down other martial arts verbally or even those branching off doing their own versions of what he taught. He actually encouraged it. He just promoted his own thing.

It sold itself. It always will.