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Russ Q
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Re: Not coping with the new sensei

I think the anonymous poster should walk...,from what they have said, this much seems obvious. I would like to address Mr. S's point:

Don Magee wrote:
I am no one's servant or whipping boy. I am a paying student and customer. I deserve the respect that comes with that..

..and you are buying a product called 'aikido'? Is it coming with 5 years of warranty?

Service-customer relation in aikido dojo - is it right spirit for practice?? How can you develop spiritual dimention of aikido practice in such conditions?/B]

When you start talking about going to the dojo I think you can pretty much throw out the idea of commerce ie. I paid my money now I want my product/service. This is an extreme example to make a point...but....while the original poster seems to be in a genuinely tough situation, one must remember there can be quite of bit of gray area when it comes to relationships, especially instructor/student relationships. What I'm trying to say is that one should not expect absolute respect simply because one has paid their training fees for that month.....

Cheers all,

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