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Re: O-Sensei and the Purpose of Aikido

Wow. So many good points to ponder. The thing that really resonates with me is ".....the trans-formative aspect of the art was not inherent in the doing of the art but rather one needed to do the art in a manner that was trans-formative. Sensei talked about how people are apt to simply incorporate all of the fears, insecurities, and aggression into their practice. Their Aikido is based on a defensive mindset and the hope is that, if one could simply achieve the kind of power that would allow one to defeat any enemy, that would allow one to be "safe" in this dangerous world."
When I speak of aikido being, for me, a spiritual process, that's what I mean - it is consciously facing those things,accepting the mirror my training holds up to my face and working through it via the training.
The other, very related thing was: "Aikido is an art which is fundamentally about "connection" yet it attracts precisely those folks who don't actually want to connect. Weak people have to meet an "attack" and stand in the eye of the hurricane to have any hope of being safe. Strong people have to let go of the false notion that their strength is what actually makes them safe, they have to realize that the only way to be safe is to stop contending and to really relax, in the mind and the body. Each individual is called upon to develop precisely the opposite set of skills and traits which they hold onto as the false idea of who they are."

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