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Re: Bullying

I have always wondered what sort of results one might see if Aikido in Everyday Life was to be introduced into the educational curriculum somewhere in the early adolescent ages. Not only would it give the kids a good arsenal of techniques for handling conflict, but could also lay the foundation for some very valuable interpersonal skills for professional use later on in life. Looking back, I wish that the book had been available to me much earlier in life because there are so many events that I might have handled differently. Even still, those skills come in handy a great many times for myself in encounters with hostile or fearful patients and in employee coaching sessions. Does anyone know of a school district that has used the book, and if so what the results were?

Oh and thank you for the smile, Mr. Arriola - I haven't been called Miss in close to 20 years. It kinda reminded me of what it felt like the last time I was carded for alcohol - and we won't go into how long ago that was!
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