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Hello Mr Gorman,

However, in my own experience, I have been stunned to encounter physical and verbal bullying very much inside the world of aikido: dojo seniors who bully their juniors on and off the tatami, and people who should know better (including 8th dan shihans) who use their rank and status to 'beat down' others, who are 'weaker' in terms of rank and supposed technical ability.

Best wishes,
Dr Goldsbury,

A father, an uncle, a big brother scolds the young man in hopes of forming him. There is a hope that the young man will become a person with virture and values.

A man with such virtues can "handle" himself in whatever the situation. He knows how to defend himself. He knows how to fight and when not to fight.

A bully never acts alone. He works in a gang of four or more people. They pick out the weak, the solitary and incapable. They do so because they can. This happens more so on the internet. The bullied in real life, suddenly have found a means of becoming bullies in the safe arena of the internet.

So do we protect the weak? Is it our job? Do we fight their battles? Or like the father, the uncle and the big brother, do we teach them to "carry big sticks"? I for one, believe that every man needs to fight his own battles. So, I for one, provide hierarchy, obstacle, and restrictions to "help shape" the young virtuous man.

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
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