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This is a significant problem here in the USA, and I suspect worldwide.

At a minimum it makes many lives extremely uncomfortable.
At a maximum it leads to massive violence, such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, and many other unfortunate, but I believe preventable incidents.

Why Aikido?
I believe based on my studies of Aikido, that if offers a new paradigm for dealing with interpersonal violence.

As I said in my intro, Aikido's 'ethical' position of protecting the aggressor, is new. This IS, I believe, the long term solution to unnecessary violence. When you don't protect the aggressor, you create, unless you kill them, someone who lies in wait for the day when they can & WILL retaliate.

In "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction by Adele Westbrook and Oscar Ratti", the author proposes a 3rd & 4th level of ethical engagement.

Third, is where we do not seek out confrontation, but when confronted, respond with more than necessary force. I must admit that in bullying situations, unfortunately, I am mostly here. I'm reasonable adept at satire, and when attacked verbally, can often cut my opponent to his/her knees. I am not proud of this.

Forth level is where we are sufficiently skilled that we can disarm our opponent and no one is harmed. I want to be at this level.

In bullying, no physical thrusts are present, it's all verbal, yet it can destroy an individual. Yet like physical attacks, verbal attacks are specific, they might attack our person, our behaviors, our preferences, our heritage etc. We need appropriate responses to divert the energy and immobilize our opponents.

Your thoughts and suggestions...

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