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Re: yin/yang in taiji

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Ah, no. That explanation is only for the student who asks, after getting it, "But why?
"Why" is nice, but unless a teacher shows a student "how" it becomes an impasse. The diagram is nice, but I say "how?", IF the diagram is germane. And of course when I ask whether something is germane, I'm talking about specifics. I.e., it's easy for someone to say to a student whom they are leading by the nose that "it's just simple physics" or "it's just Coulomb" or whatever. I say "so how, specifically is it done?". I could say "it's simple energy equations (or 'angular momentum' or whatever general term of choice) and that is meaningless in the same sense that so much of Asian martial-arts theory is couched in obscure language that can be spoken by both people who really know and by people who only think they know.

Showing someone a cool diagram or video or animotion doesn't do a lot. "How" is the question.

Remember that O-Sensei also used very nice metaphorical language in his doko, yet the very skills he showed against Tenryu can't be duplicated by most Aikidoka... even ones that claim to be 'teachers'. O-Sensei did it on purpose; others do it in pretense of knowledge they don't have, so it's hard for a beginner to know who is whom.


Mike Sigman
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