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Re: Refining my view of aiki

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Oh, and yeah, I kinda made some of that up on the fly because metallurgists right now are experiencing head exploding syndrome because it's obvious I don't understand the entirety of the metallurgical processes. But that's for another few volumes of writing later...
I can't speak for other metallurgists, but I assure you my head is in no danger of exploding. It's not possible to write an exact molecular-scale simulation of a system as large as a sword blade, so I'm perfectly comfortable with an empirical description using the terminology of the culture that developed the blade. For me, at least, understanding the metallurgy of a traditionally made Japanese sword only enhances my appreciation of its beauty. So go right ahead.

As for aiki, I'm not sure I completely agree with Dan Richards' definition, but it's a good basis for further discussion.

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