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Re: Is Mifune showing IP/Aiki

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no, I wouldn't say that at all. I'm no Judo historian, but I recall there being several old kata that are different in nature to most others. It's theorized that those kata's are for just that, but few if any actually bother with them. The old "nobody trains like that anymore" thing. There would also have to be some level of instruction on how to do the kata's as well, for it to matter. The question would be to what degree those kata trained the skills overall.

It's just reworking the body to move in a different way, not magic.
I agree. Of those I have seen and also were shown by old Kodokan guys, they were more indicative of six-direction training, postural alignment, weight transfer, and also of more technical oriented movement, which Mifune shows and not much else. These are very, very basic things (which Keith and Toby allude to).While I am a fan, I think the internal connection is overplayed. There is no indication of deeper or higher level internal work that I have seen, just excellent...oh hell...superior- technical skill.
P.S. ...."The Nairiki chapter was ommited..." Surprise!
Tobs, bet ya wish you could go back in time and buy that book now. Not that you needed it, but these tidbits to tie things together are priceless.

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