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Re: YouTube: Yoshinobu Takeda, 2004

Markus Rohde wrote: View Post
Ah, you think he did not have to do any work to get where he is?
Not wanting to speak for Jon but... we both had Kawahara Yukio as shihan in our backgrounds.

I suspect that Takeda sensei did a LOT of work to get where he is.

It's really hard to say just how much of the uke grunting and groaning with big ukemi is "real" here, and how much is being overly compliant, but I wish Kawahara was still alive - he didn't like uke dancing for him, and the very rare instances I was thrown by him I assure you I wasn't cooperating, apart from trying to punch his lights out (at his request) - man did I hit the ground hard. Harder than when I was getting NAILED by judo people such as Doug Rogers (1964 Olympic Silver Medal, godan) or some of the folks who knocked me around in Tokyo. Unfortunately Kawahara didn't like people taking video of his teaching.

To me, it looks like Takeda sensei's demonstration is depending a bit too much on uke doing what was expected of them rather than actually trying to give nage a good solid strike... I could be wrong, but...
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