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Re: Macrobiotic Diet

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
Lots of miso-soup, tofu and beans I suppose.

However - I remember a story of how O Sensei scolded a student of his because he had taken up weightlifting in addition to his daily Aikido practice.

Is the weightlifting just for fun, for fitness or meant to improve your Aikido ?

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If the foundation of a macrobiotic diet is eating unprocessed local foods in season, why the emphasis on highly processed and not local miso and tofu, and minimally processed but usually dried and stored for months if not years beans? Go look outside. What is at hand? Eat that.

The same Osensei who bitched about weight training had a saltwater drinking contest that he blamed for the liver disease which killed him. I wish folks would not see Osensei as the gold standard for everything. He was a flawed human who did some things very well and other things not so well, who learned and grew and made huge mistakes, and who deserves respect and appreciation, but not blind adulation.
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