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Re: Reflecting on the teaching of Aikido

Dear Readers,
Aikido transmission I feel his basically a communication 'heart to heart 'between the teacher and the student, much like an old type of apprenticeship where an apprentice was teamed up with a tradesman and acquired skills by working alongside the tradesman.This was the traditional methods used in my early working career.Nowadays its all about NVQs, college study etc.A totally different environment.
When I first met my own teacher he rarely gave explanations.We simply practiced.Sometimes i wondered what Aikido /my teacher was trying to convey.I did however understand the message later.
Nowadays the class structure has changed , less time spent doing more time spent talking.A bit like me writing on this forum, I guess.Rather than exercise my index finger on the keyboard, maybe belting out a thousand suburi would be better?Cheer, Joe.
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