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I have a feeling that you're not going to apologize despite anything I, Kevin, or anyone else says.

My expectations were very simple. You've posted some 200 + times. In the time I've been on this forum, I've read your posts, and it's pretty clear to me that you can state what you think and why very clearly. I don't have a problem with that. I do have a problem that you can make a gross generalization about a group of people based on what they do that is demeaning, slanderous, and in my experience completely without merit, and evidently not feel that such a statement was in any way wrong.

Let me give you an example to see if it helps explain how I feel. Glancing through the thread titles, I could writing something about the "fat, unathletic, pot smoking dunderheads who train in aikido". Now, you know and I know, that wouldn't be a true statement. I mean, I've never met an aikidoka like that. So in all fairness, if I did post something slanderous, I would expect folks to call me on it. They would have a problem with my unjust stereotype of a group of people. (And for the record, I don't believe aikido is populated with folks who are "fat, unathletic, pot smoking dunderheads" --- that's just an example of a false, slanderous statement)

I feel that's what you did when you wrote,
high-strung, testosterone-driven, steroid taking face smashers
refering to MMA competitors. I feel that was out of line and complete unnecessary, and as I've said before, completely untrue.

Does that help you see where I'm coming from? Do you feel that I'm behaved inappropriately regarding this concern (that I'm over-reactiving, taking things out of context, etc....)?

Oh, and about the aikido thing. Kevin Willbanks can vouch that I've trained in aikido. I did train for 5 1/2 years and attended a number of seminars with a diverse group of aikido instructors. I'm certainly no authoritative expert, but I'm not talking about stuff I haven't experienced. If you need more information, contact me privately and I'll happily go into details of who I've trained with. (Although, I'm not sure why any of that would be relevant to this discussion)
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