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Re: Violence and Aikido

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Life can be a series or paradoxes, especially if you want to understand it, but the paradoxes are to be worked out and realized and then they to you are no longer paradoxes. Such is the way. Thus the paradoxes are not in life but in our own selves.

This we must know the opposite theory is not true. You know love when you feel it. You can experience anything and know it. Then you give it a label. It's absolutely nothing to do with what it's opposite feels like. If you then want to go and experience it's opposite then you are free to do so and then you can know both.

Aikido was borne from one man's enlightenment and thus a new way, a new martial art, a new budo, free of the duelistic usual approach to martial arts. Looks similar, but there again charlie chaplin looked similar to hitler.

It was born from his enlightenment. what were the experiences that led to his enlightenment?

The story of Buddha is clear. How did he reach his enlightenment? what was the main force that drove him to head down the path?

How about Jesus? What were the experiences he had that led him to take the actions he took?

I see a common thread among all great persons. Oh...Ghandi too? Mother Teresa?

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