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Susan Dalton
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Re: Effective Technique

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
Yes, it is possible to be a collection of terms. Imagine how much gumption is took for Susan to accurately call herself a "fearful, intimidated, little aikibunny." I bet money she's striped off a few of those terms over the years.
Thanks, Jon, but it didn't take a whole lot of gumption. It's just how it was. I started in the children's class and I didn't really want people putting their hands on me. Finally after about six months I moved into the adult class, but I would still fall down way before anyone threw me. I would barely hold on to someone's wrist, and I avoided men and worked with other women on the "scary" techniques. I was afraid, afraid of all kinds of things. Luckily for me, the dojo was a very safe place to learn to trust. I am a different person now, both on and off the mat, but I am thankful the dojo had space for someone like me, just as I am glad we make room for the person who needs to bull through techniques because she hasn't learned to relax and take care of her partner.
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