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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
I value Kevin's participation here and his insight has been a valuable resource. I see him as a voice of experience who has purchased the right to his opinions and his skepticism with the coin of hard training and years of quality membership in this venue.

To be frank, having people like Kevin and Roy Dean openly discussing Aikido's strengths in the international martial arts conversation does a hell of a lot to promote our art and lend credibility to our life's work.

Now you people have nearly driven him off with your tired shtick of overzealous damage control. You should be ashamed of your behavior and your lack of respect.

All of the internal power in the world will get you folks nowhere if you refuse to develop leadership skills. People who are not in your clique are treated like shit on AikiWeb, and that is not the right way to curate this material to an interested but skeptical community.
I didn't see much invective coming from anybody who trains with Dan. I did see some invective coming from Demetrio (he disagrees as to the precise level, but agrees that it was nasty).

I do some invective coming from you. Could you show me exactly where I have shown anybody a lack of respect in this thread?



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