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Re: Ranking systems in different countries

Thanks for the replies, although I need to clear a few things up.

First, I'm not just looking to move up the ranks, although it sounds like my main goal ( I have trouble addressing questions like these, my communication skills aren't very good). I'm saying I COULD reach a dan grade within 3 years, but i'd really rather go through 5 or 6 years if it means mastering the things I learn. One of the reasons I joined aikido is to learn patience.

Also, what I was originally asking is if I reached a certain rank in one place, would it be recognized somewhere else? Or would I have to repeat the examinations? I don't want to be held back for too long just because I moved to a different country.

Side question: I have a balancing problem, which is made even worse since some of the mattresses in my dojo are uneven. I sometimes stumble just doing taisabaki movements. This is because i have very weak ankles, which can't support my heavy body. Are there any exercises you can recommend to train my feet?
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